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Flirt Crystal Pendant(1125258)
  • Crise2013-8-01Overall Rating: 
    5 out of 5

    Bought this for my dear wife. I knew she have been looking for Swarovski crystal jewelry recently, but at Swarovski stores I didn't find any that are pretty enough to justify their rather expensive price. When I found this item I was surprised at its cheap price and nice design. The only thing I have to check was that the name says "Swarovski Elements". How is that different from Swarovski Jewelry? I google it and found out that "Swarovski Elements" are made by jewelry design companies that use Swarovski Crystals. Sounds good to me, but since its my first time buying jewelry gift online, I still need some convincing. The pictures look good but will the real product look good when it arrives? My confidence was boosted by the seller's "Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee" policy and the good feedbacks from their customers. When the item arrived my wife was so happy that when I tried to explain to her the "Swarovski Elements" part, she didn't even hear me, too busy trying it on. Another case when beauty speaks for itself and made some detail trivial.

  • Crise2013-9-01Overall Rating: 
    5 out of 5

    Ishe loved it thats all that matters...... what can i say dont need to spend alot to impress her...... it looks good on her

Flirt Crystal Pendant(1125258)

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Here Is A Rhodium-plated Ball Pendant With A Clear Crystal Chaton At The Center Surrounded Flirtatiously With Crystals In A Pav?? Setting. Elegant And Impressive. This Pendant Comes On A Chain.
Size: 38/1 X 1 Cm




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